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The Nakao QuickTrap™ was invented in order to prevent hypoxia in patients undergoing bronchoscopy. The invention was conceived when a patient suffering from lung cancer with superimposed pneumonia was undergoing a bronchoscopy. When the physician asked for a specimen trap, the nurse proceeded with her regular exercise of attaching the trap: she detached the suction tubing from the endoscope, re-attached one end of the suction-trap tubing to the endoscope and the other end of the suction tubing to the suction line. This process took a full 50 seconds during which the endoscopist was unable to suction the patient's secretions. While the nurse fumbled with the tubing, the patient's oxygen saturation began to drop. The endoscopist, who became quite concerned about his inability to visualize the patient's airways while the oxygen level was starting to drop said, “someone ought to invent a quick trap.”

Most patients who undergo bronchoscopy suffer from respiratory difficulty; the presence of an endoscope inside the airway compromises breathing even further. It is therefore critical that unnecessary delays are avoided, and that uninterrupted suction is provided. The Nakao QuickTrap™ consists of a small housing that is attached to the suction tubing before initiation of the procedure. When the need for a specimen arises, a special trap is snapped onto the housing and the suctioned material is diverted into the trap. When collection of the specimen is complete, a button on the housing is pressed, the trap snaps off, and regular suction is reinstated. Precious time during which a patient may become hypoxic need not be wasted.

The Nakao QuickTrap™, for use in the intensive care unit and operating room, is being distributed by Stryker Corporation.

The Nakao SnapTrap™, for use during bronchoscopy and gastrointestinal endoscopy, will be launched for sale by ConMed Endoscopic Technologies during the Fall of 2005.

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